Introducing One Million Crypto Pixels

The ultimate NFT art experiment

Glittering pixels await


  • 1 million pixels available on a 1000 x 1000 canvas.
  • Pixel purchasers upload digital art to populate the entire canvas.
  • Hallowed centre space placed up for auction.
  • Final canvas wrapped and sold as a single edition NFT capturing this special point in time.
  • 10% of proceeds donated to charity via PixelDAO’s heART$ community wallet.
  • Each pixel purchaser receives PIXD — PixelDAO’s native token.
  • One Million Crypto Pixels project celebrates digital art and the crazy, innovative world of crypto.
  • First project under the PixelDAO umbrella — an incubator for quirky, entertaining crypto projects.

One Million Crypto Pixels is the first project launched by PixelDAO. In this article we’ll introduce you to the nuts and bolts of the project, explain why you should and how you could become involved, then place the project within the context of PixelDAO’s big picture.

The nuts

One Million Crypto Pixels is a reworking of one of the original WWW’s craziest success stories, The Million Dollar Homepage. We aim to pull off the ultimate NFT art experiment where the hero is the humble pixel. The project’s ultimate goals are to shine a spotlight on the magnificence of our crypto community, the artists within it, the game-changing moments unfolding before us, and donate to charitable organisations (bridging the adoption gap in a beautiful way). The teams secret goal is to spark a global pixel revolution — we intend to pixelate the world and make it totes hip to be SQUARE. Ahh yeahh.

The ARTifact of our NOW: genesis of a single edition NFT

There will only ever be 1 canvas

One Million Crypto Pixels has created a dynamic 1000 x 1000 pixels digital canvas intended to mark a specific point in time — a unique art driven timestamp depicting our NOW.

The endgame is to create a single edition NFT, a vibrant montage composed of uploaded art from pixel purchasers. Participants in the canvas are those that want to timestamp their contribution to the digital art world at this historic and (r)evolutionary moment.

The artworks should be your original digital compositions; they could also be avatars, pixelated project logos, or an image that captures a special memory of a project, trade or milestone you reached.


Most of the canvas area is available for direct purchase. As we edge toward the hallowed centre, a central landing pad (where the “?” lays) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Once the canvas is 100% filled, it’ll be converted to a single edition NFT to be auctioned.

10% of the canvas space proceeds, 10% of the centre space auction price and 10% of the final NFT auction winning bid will be donated to charity (more on that below). The remaining balance is split between funding the PixelDAO treasury and the team.

Why now?

A picture speaks a 1000 words and the canvas captures the build-up-and-charge of the 2021 bull. Some of you are veterans of the 2017 — 18 rise and fall. However, most are just starting their crypto journey. OG’s and newbies stand shoulder to shoulder, fearlessly scanning the wondrous wilds of the green candle forest ahead.

Shining a spotlight on digital art and crypto innovation

This is a new frontier for digital art and the responsive, real-time community voices it expresses. Fortunes will be made and lost, crypto legends will be minted and macerated, and along the way some truly historic moments are occurring, particularly within the emergent NFT field. Our team recognises this is a critically unique moment to gloriously immortalize NOW.

The niche

Artists and NFT enthusiasts are our people. We have the feelers out for contributions from some names you’ll recognise, but the beauty of the project is that YOU can participate and post your work alongside the glittering pixels of the NFT superstars.

The why you’d want to participate

Are you a digital artist wanting to showcase your work and gain exposure? A crypto lover who wants to celebrate digital art or immortalise your journey? Maybe you’re a company or project whose values align to our vision?

It doesn’t matter your credentials: One Million Crypto Pixels is a level playing field. Buy your pixels (a few or a slew), stake your territory, pitch your pixel tent and get your creative on. The only requirements are to enjoy yourself and express some personality with art that means something to you.

The bolts (how to participate)

  1. Go to One Million Crypto Pixels to buy your space on the canvas.
  2. Pick the size you want to purchase (Min side 22px, Max side 80px). When you select your size you will get a real-time cost estimate in BNB or ETH (depending on which currency you prefer to use).
  3. Select the zone you prefer your image to be placed within or near (toggle between hide and unhide to see the available zones).
  4. Open the Google form and fill in all details marked as mandatory *. This is a ‘register first’ process, so we can ensure no totally inappropriate graphics get onto the canvas.
  5. Once you submit the form and we receive payment, we confirm your purchase, check the image, and the image is immortalised on the canvas! Woohooty!

Additional information

  • Minimum and maximum size spaces are set so no one entity can monopolise the canvas.
  • Current price per pixel will tend to increase as the canvas fills and space becomes scarce [Alpha Tip: early birds catch pixels].
  • Use BNB or ETH to purchase.
  • Images may be portrait or landscape.
  • Watch the canvas fill; watch the centre moon landing space auction, watch the immortalisation process, then celebrate the final NFT auction.

The love

The 1 million pixels on offer here are a little different to the garden variety screen flickers you’ve seen elsewhere. While LED displays use individual light-emitting diodes to form pixels, OUR pixels are pumped out by a whole lotta heART.

The PixelDAO team believes there’s no greater fun and joy to be experienced than by giving of what you have received. So squarely do we believe it that we’ve designed a governance structure to deliver on this fundamental team value.

10% of project revenue is destined for the PixelDAO heART$ wallet, earmarked for 100% distribution to charity.

The team will shortlist charities from those nominated by the community. These may include charities specifically aligned with crypto, decentralisation and education, but also any worthy non-profit organisations that require a financial leg up. The PIXD holding governance community will vote on ETH allocations for each, then oversee delivery of the funds. Stay tuned for updates on the PixelDAO heART$ charity wallet evolution, where silly crypto captions and questionable memes can actually transform lives.

Unpacking PixelDAO’s bigger picture

In community we trust

PixelDAO is an umbrella organisation that acts as an incubator for lovable, quirky projects primarily intended to entertain the crypto community. It is also an incubator for external projects that require healthy community and promotional support from launch through to maturity.

One Million Crypto Pixels by PixelDAO — in community we trust

Engage One Million Crypto Pixels

Engage PixelDAO

If you have a project and are interested in holding hands with us (we know you are) slide into our DM’s on Twitter.

Likewise, if you’ve come across an NGO or charitable organisation working to improve crypto literacy (especially in emerging economies), empowering art projects or similarly aligned ideas, we’d love to check them out. Feel free to contact us via Twitter.


Please do not consider the ‘PIXD’ token or any of PixelDAO’s project tokens to be any form of financial instrument, a worthwhile investment, a security, or to hold any value. This is simply an entertaining experiment.



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